21 September 2009

AstroTurf Gemütlichkeit #004


Faux Nature ∕ Furniture

Leipziger Straße

This one’s all about Gemütlichkeit, which is German for ‘comfort’, but actually entales a whole lot more than just a state of momentary comfort you might experience in a comfortable chair, and is closer to a kind of holistic, unsurpassable form of comfort, which, when sought after in every waking moment with a sense of spiritual purpose, becomes an entire way of life.

A few idle observations to conclude:
– The astroturf has been augmented by a strip of red carpet
– The periphery of the astroturf has been marked with plants, which further underlines the extent of the restaurant’s territory, and also provides guests with a sense of shelter
– The square astroturf offcut in the foreground isn’t trying to escape, it is covering an unsightly manhole, which potential guests might find offputting

Astroturf Gemütlichekeit Collection