6 September 2012

LV 04-D-81424


Place Making ∕ Public Space ∕ Transport

Another blocked cycle lane. Some Slab readers may recognise the Latvian flag hanging off the building on the left. It is the Latvian Embassy in Dublin. The car with the LV sticker on it is the embassy car. Not just when I walked by, not just the day I took the picture, but for stretches of a few hours, several days every week, and this has been going on for the last few years.

Immunity Now


I suppose they must have immunity. I’m sure the Department of Justice (what they call an Interior Ministry or Home Office in other countries) has looked into it. It can’t have escaped their notice seeing as the building two doors up with the tall grey columns in its portico is home to the Minister for Justice and the Secretary General of the department.

Only a tinpot little country like Ireland would put up with this kind of thing. And only a tinpot little country like Latvia would take advantage in this way. It’s hard to tell which country’s reputation comes out worse. If only Ireland could invade somewhere. Then nobody would dick us around.


7 responses to LV 04-D-81424

  1. I.W.

    This reminds me of an article I read somewhere a long time ago. Maybe in the Economist in 2006, or something. Apparently, diplomats to the UN in New York have amassed $18 million of unpaid parking violation fines. A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research revealed a strong correlation between countries ranking’s in corruption indexes and the amount of parking tickets each county’s diplomats received.


  2. CD

    Nice link, thanks.
    Here’s a more journalistic one.


  3. fat tony

    Well…I guess there are WORSE things that could happen at an embassy! Maybe Ireland can hold off on invading for the time being, or defamation of the prophet (blessings upon his holy name). Pax

  4. CD

    I understand what you say, fat tony, but we have to draw the line somewhere. If we let this happen, in no time at all we’ll be letting Johnny Foreigner take charge of our economy.

  5. humanshield

    Maybe this is karmic payback time for having marauded straight through Europe way back when. Like, a lot longer time ago than 2006.


    Still, this is unacceptable no matter where it’s happening and no matter who is doing it. But he fact that both of the countries involved are so rinky dink is pathetic. By virtue of their small sizes it seems that neither one has any impetus to take the moral high ground at an institutional level. And just think of what uncaring people those Latvian diplomats must be, total fucking jerks!

    Has this story been aired in the local press? Though interesting and appropriate to read about here, I think a lot more could be achieved by sending the same text to your local newspaper…Furore Now!

  6. humanshield

    Oh, and the driver of the car’s also kind of being inconsiderate to the pedestrians, lest we forget.

  7. CD

    There was a bit of to and fro about the article on an Irish website in September:

    As for creating a furore in the Irish press over this … people who object to parking like this are regarded as freaks in mainstream opinion.