9 March 2006

Kaiser’s Facades Pt.1


Crap Supermarkets ∕ Sick Buildings

Germany’s Kaiser’s chain of supermarkets have an interesting policy concerning Berlin’s graffiti problem: they deface their shops themselves before the sprayers can get to them, thereby guaranteeing a uniform degree of ugliness.

Possibility of witchcraft

Kaiser’s have opted for worrying motifs of demon-like vegetables and condiments cavorting in moonlit city-scapes. In the photo above – showing part of the Teutoberger Platz branch in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg – one can make out a mischevious bottle of orange juice, an undead strawberry, a reanimated pear and an orange, expertly modified by an unknown into the likeness of an infamous 20th century dictator. Quite why Kaiser’s identifies itself with these covorting, zombified edibles I do not know.