Modern Façades Today, Now
Just what is it that makes today’s façades so different, so appealing? Not a nostalogic lament for the loss of traditional building materials, but a critical exploration of contemporary material failure. And a whole bunch of sick laughs.


AstroTurf Gemütlichkeit
AstroTurf is the material of choice for many in the gastronomic industry. A cheap, low-res simulation of nature, and the suggestion of domestic comfort. Usually fitted with surprising precision, but often inconceivably grubby.


Strategies Against Architecture
A series of videos showing buildings falling down, blowing up, imploding, collapsing, rolling around on the ground and generally ceasing to be buildings. It’s like architectural slapstick. No one get’s hurt.


Property Marketing Balls
An ongoing series about the semi-literate marketing bunkum of property developers.