Modern Façades Today, Now

Just what is it that makes today’s façades so different, so appealing? In this series we examine the aesthetic aspects of damage done to various modern façade types, and in doing so, wish to debunk the authority of the surface. Not a nostalgic lament for the loss of traditional building materials, but a critical exploration of contemporary material failure. And a whole bunch of sick laughs.

#007 – 31st March ’15
Dints, grazes and chaffing mark the entrance of a contracted goods loading bay. Etymological breakdown ensues.

#006 – 31st October ’13
Gross acts of pornography reveal the soft fluffy snack you can enjoy between meals. Sticky truths are revealed.

#005 – 3rd January ’12
A snotty, yellowed crust is all that seems to be holding the façade of Bürohaus Neue Grünstraße 22 together.

#004 – 22nd June ’11
The disgruntled seismic murmurs of Potsdamer Platz’s guardian spirit, a latter day Genius Loci, manifest themselves at the convergence of horizontal and vertical plans. A crack appears in the temple.

#003 – 21st Apr ’11
The architectural equivalent of a split fingernail causes nostrils to curl across town.

#002 – 14th Feb ’11
A busted plate-glass window reveals the sordid innards of a yoga studio. A scuffle ensues.

#001 – 10th June ’10
A scabby open wound on the face of an unknown building causes much revulsion. When, we ask, did normal wear-and-tear become so undignified?