Squeezing In Some Spirituality

When the professional photographer Victor Brigola approached me with his proposal for a small catalog of rowhouse churches in Berlin, I was at first sceptical. Not because I in any way doubted the soundness of his concept, rather because I wondered if Slab would be a worthy enough place to host work of such consummate professionalism. To finally show some content that hasn’t been pointed and shooted is a first for us, and I’m very glad to have taken this leap into the unknown.

As Mr. Brigola’s assistant for the project, I learned a lot about what goes into the making of such exquisitely cropped, atmospherically rendered images, and about how to envy someone for their Phase One digital back. The exploration of stuff that’s strictly historical also represents a break with Slab’s usual form, the previous post notwithstanding. At the same time these images suggest some themes that are continuous with our typical rants and raves about contemporary practices -most notably the inherent contradictions that always occur between the absurdly ideal and the grittily real.

-Oliver Miller

4: Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Kapernaum

3: Serbisch-Orthodoxe Kirchengemeinde

2: Evangelische Advent Zachaus Kirchengemeinde

1: Katholische Pfarrgemeinde St. Petrus