Strategies Against Architecture

A series of films showing buildings falling down, blowing up, imploding, collapsing, rolling around on the ground and generally ceasing to be buildings. It’s like architectural slapstick. No one get’s hurt.

Film #011
In which a sober and measured narrator talks us through the collapse of a Lisbon apartment building.

Film #010
In which a pastoral soundtrack of birdsong accompanies the resignation of four smoke stacks. A toddler expresses its appreciation at 0:19.

Film #009
In which the destruction of a grain elevator building enlivens a wholesome family day out with the kids.

Film #008
In which the Japenese construciton company Kajima Corporation demonstrate their impressive “Kajima Cut and Take Down Method” of building demolition.

Film #007
In which a simulated structure made with 2620 virtual objects is brought to collapse using Blender, a 3D modelling software.

Film #006
In which a terrace house in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood, suffering from depression, relieves itself of its duties.

Film #005
In which the demolition of an old flour factory in Cankiri, central Turkey, goes wrong, causing the building to roll onto its roof.

Film #004
In which a model skyscraper is purposefully brought to collapse in someone’s living room and “unexpectedly falls sideways”.

Film #003
In which the Four Seasons Hotel in Mapoto, Mozambique is elegantly destroyed in an artful display of the demolition industry’s trade.

Film #002
In which an office building in Manilla decides it has had enough, and falls over, causing much consternation in the neighborhood.

Film #001
In which Castaways Hotel in Las Vegas implodes and produces a spectacular cloud of dust.