2 December 2010

The Icing on the Cake


Aesthetics of Survival ∕ Buildings ∕ Ephermera

Berlin, it seems, has got its very own “bird’s nest” à la the Olympic Stadium in Peking. Its the charming work of some roofers -or HVAC contractors, or something- working on one of Sauerbruch and Hutton’s signature projects, the GSW building on Koch Str.

In the background, on the left-hand side: Hejduk's bespoke towerLayering programs, the old fashioned way

This spontaneous intervention lends some much-needed radness to what can otherwise be seen as classically Remorrhoidian architecture; its scrappiness defies the still-reigned in aestheticizing that OMA -and its legacy of wunderkinder- have as yet appeared reluctant to loosen their stranglehold upon.