24 July 2011

Squeezing in Some Spirituality (3): SERBISCH-ORTHODOXE KIRCHENGEMEINDE


Place Making ∕ Spiritual ∕ Urban Environment

One more for the collection of photographer Victor Brigola‘s edition of images produced for Slab.

Perhaps the ‘jects surrounding this baby are more reminiscent of Beograd, or its suburbs, than the church itself -at least on the outside. It’s apparently a classic retrofit, indicating demographic shifts in the working class district of Berlin-Wedding. Or could the church have been purpose built? Indeed there is some arcane romance in both the design of the crenelations, as well as of the steppy triangle things over the tripartite entrance way. There’s no real info on the edifice itself on the parish homepage, though a nice synopsis of the order is presented. Lots of strife, of course. All the agonizing multiculturalism seems to have started with the physical location of the Serbian homeland being stuck between its two major Christian influences, Constantinople and Rome.

Still, I remain convinced that the surroundings look more yugo than the church itself.