8 August 2011

Squeezing in Some Spirituality (4): Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Kapernaum


Place Making ∕ Spiritual ∕ Urban Environment

There’s some kind of idea of Italy here, or rather the idea of the idea of Italy, as opposed to the idea itself. Eclecticism, pastiche, ersatz culture, whatever; designing a protestant church in Berlin a hundred or so years ago was when an architect got to let it all hang out, design a few towers. Each one could be more whimsical than the one that came before, as long as they were all made out of those red bricks.

Campanile, campanilo, campanilotto -as the Wikipedia entry on Italian diminutives states, “there are no limits to suffixation, which could continue”.

Thanks again to Victor Brigola for his photographic offerings to this humble channel of architectural conjecture.


5 responses to Squeezing in Some Spirituality (4): Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Kapernaum

  1. david

    ‘idea of idea of’ — very good. reminds me of…

  2. david

    oops link removed !
    reminds me of … tudor city in nyc (google it)

  3. I.W.

    Tudor City is unbelievable. I hadn’t heard of it before. Glad they’ve got a Windsor tower. Actually, the whole idea of a mock-Tudor mansion stuck on the top of a skyscraper is too good to be true. The playboy home of some gazzilionaire Nosferatu hedge fund manager, one assumes.

  4. david

    some people I vaguely know live there so I think the lower level apts are accessible to ordinairy-ish people, but the top ones are filled with old-money midtowners who make the english upper class seem positively slovenly. all the hedge-fund a/holes live is supposedly ‘edgy’ east village in anodyne glass lumps

  5. Maurice

    I believe at the time when these churches were built only Lutheran churches were granted the right to build in the middle of squares. The Catholics were relegated to in-block construction – so I suspect most of these churches were originally R.C. i.e. there probably weren’t many Serbs around 100 years ago.