14 February 2007

Friendly Blocky Tower, Easy to Draw



This building looms into view on days when I cycle to work down Lindenstraße. I took a closer look today and here are some photos.

(l) The tower, (r) the east wing

From a distance I always assumed that the green awnings above the windows were made of a stiff weather-proof cloth, but they’re actually made of metal sheets also used to clad the teeny tiny 1 sq/m balconies. Now if I lived in a flat with a south-facing 1 sq/m balcony, I wouldn’t know what to do with it either, but I probably wouldn’t affix two satellite dishes to it and store my ladder there:

Lifestyle decision

The nice thing about this building is that it looks like a sad geometric cat. Despite the gloomy tower it still manages to be friendly, maybe because of its ‘easy-to-draw’ appeal. Indeed, simple tools are available to the amateur architect, making the design of such a building within easy reach.

Architect’s tools, available to all in inspiring colours