28 February 2007

Urban Epidemic! Run for the Hills!


Public Space


On the left, my route to work this morning (about 7.5 km according to Google Earth), and on the right some of the 64 Toyota posters I saw on the way. That’s the equivalent of one ad every 12 meters. Bus shelters, 18/1 posters, citylight rotary changers and Litfaßsäulen are all plastered with ads for the new Auris, a compact bull of an automobile irresistable to men, women and dogs.

Apparently it’s Germany’s biggest ever poster promotion, with a staggering 200,000 posters being hung in all large cities*. FontBlog, a snooty German typography blog, comment that Berlin is effectively advertising-free, if you can irgnore the Auris.

Tell SLAB if your city has been infected by Toyota. Tomorrow: a new route, and new numbers. Brace yourselves.

* Adendum: reader mkorsakov notes in a comment to this post, that the posters are being hung in all cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants, of which there are 81 in Germany. That makes 16.2 million posters.