15 June 2007

Boob With a View


Blurbanism ∕ Buildings

The German Bundestag’s own kindergarten, designed by Austrian architect Gustav Peichl, is a well known feature on the south bank of Berlin’s Spree river. It’s a boat-like, light blue wedge of a building, topped off by two charming silver boobs. These architectural glandula mammaria are synonymous with the quietening effects of breast-feeding, and are, consequently, quiet rooms for the children.

The Bundestag’s Kindergarten

I could imagine similar buildings going up in the financial districts of major cities, where stressed out bonds traiders could take short midday naps in a soothing maternal environment on huge wall-to-wall mattresses.

I was pretty surprised to see two more domes looming into view a couple of weeks back, this time on the other side of the river. Quite why this stretch of river has prompted not one, but two big breasted buildings is a little mysterious: I am short of answers. A closer look revealed the surreal sight of a huge plastic marquee erected in a wacko, kontiki-style bamboo beach garden.

Cheap silicon implants

It calls itself the Bundespressestrand, which means something like “Federal Press Beach”. It’s a pretty shoddy addition to the river front, as well as cheap distraction to the Peichel building across the water. It looks very temporary, and has little redeeming charm ”¦ Unlike it’s nearest neighbor, which is all charm. I’ve no idea what it is, but I might put in a bid should it appear on the housing market any time soon.

Squat squat