10 March 2008

Pole Deficit Solution Now Sign Jungle


Blurbanism ∕ Public Space

Count the signs

As reported two posts earlier, Mitte’s long standing pole deficit has been solved with the installation of twelve new, stainless steel masts. We understand that poles don’t just get rammed into the ground for the hell of it, so it was of no surprise to find each one sporting a shiney new sign this morning. It’s spring: the trees are budding, bunnies have come out to play, so why shouldn’t twelve steel tubes also have a good old bloom?

A bit of a bloom wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but the newly introduced resident’s parking zone combined with the two triangluar islands in question has resulted in a veritable jungle of signage. Each of the six edges has been flagged at both ends, either with a «no-parking-in-this-direction» sign (the round one with the red cross and white arrow), or a «parking-with-resident’s-sticker-between-these-times» sign (the white P on blue background with its date-and-time board).

Go on, read them

The traffic islands in question are so small that only one car fits on each side anyway, and the signage implicates that only five of the six sides are allowed to be parked. That’s twelve signs for five cars. Or 2.4 signs per car. The mind boggles at the discipline of the bureaucrat responsible for this. Did they go home in the evening surpressing an anarchistic giggle, or was this straight-faced business as usual?