17 June 2008

Property Marketing Balls Pt.2



At SLAB, we wouldn’t dream of claiming responsibility for excersizing even a modicum of real influence upon the outside world with mere words. But it hasn’t escaped out attention that the Choriner Höfe website we recently called «a bloated bag of unspeakable turds», has changed slightly since the publication of our critical piece on the marketing of Berlin property.

In order to jog your weary, blog-worn memory, here is our original screen grab of the «culture» section of their website made on 10th April, complete with the senseless inclusion Norman Foster’s philology library in Dahlem:


And here is today’s screen grab for comparison:


The charming young belle with her finger stuck in her ear is still present, as is her angst-ridden dreadlocked buddy, but lo!, what doth we find in the background? A rendering of the Choriner Höfe back yard, perchance?

The change of visuals is the most visible modification, but other points we ridiculed – such as the lisiting of cafés and restuarants in a completely different neighborhood – have now been swapped in their entirity for an extended list including, surprise, surprise, Gorki Park and a host of other establishments to be found less than 300m away from the property development in question.

Apart from these reasonable changes, the website is still a brimming crock of putird effluent. The only real fresh dissapointment is that SLAB Magazine hasn’t made it to the «Press» section as has the Berliner Morgenpost daily newspaper.