1 March 2009

Danish Bike Bunkers


Aesthetics of Survival ∕ Buildings ∕ Interiors

These things were really built for the ages. What this talks about for me is how differently things used to get built. These days no one’s ever gonna over-build something to this degree, not even in a culture that’s as obsessed with construction quality as the Danes’.


Aesthetically they’re a bit difficult – though I generally do like the tough and functional look – and are even weirder to think about. What do these buildings say about how much people in Copenhagen value the safety and protection of their bikes? I mean, does a bicycle shed really need to have steel gates that open via electric motors that are key-activated?


The seriousness of these constructions can only be partially justified by the fact that they were full-up with bikes at noon on a weekday. Okay, the location’s not far from the central station ”¦ but really.

Hopefully we’ll be out securing the perimeter if the base gets hit.