11 June 2009

Louis Kahn. Oh Yes Indeed.



It’s a truly beautiful moment when you realise that there are still Great Things To Discover. And so it was when a good friend of mine recently introduced me to the life and work of Louis Kahn. Other people have written far more, far better stuff about Louis Kahn than I ever could, so I shall simply post two photos and a handful of links so that you too can find out more, should you also still be living in The Darkness, as I was until four weeks ago.

Whilst more learned readers will be nodding knowingly and slightly patronisingly about this heinous cleft in my general knowledge, I should like to remind them of how good it feels to be introduced to something which was always there, but just hidden from sight. Hopefully I’m doing the same thing for other people right now.

Louis I. Kahn: 1901-1974: Enlightened Space (Taschen Basic Architecture) by Joseph Rosa, Peter Gössel, and Annette Wiethüchter

Louis Kahn by Robert McCarter

Nathanial Kahn on “My Architect” – TED Talk from 2002