29 August 2009

For The Loo Hath Spoken


Graffiti ∕ Interiors

During a recent visit to the gentlemen’s latrine at the Aedes Gallery Café, I happened to notice a piece of toilet-cubicle graffiti running along the wall just underneath the ceiling. Being the lavatory of a distinguished architectural gallery, I expected some highbrow reflection on the nature of property speculation in post-socialist Bukarest. Or a rumination on the role recycling has to play in the future of building materials.

However, I was amused to find that the penmanship was of the same dire, subliterate quality that you’d expect to find in a junior school boy’s loo. From the original German, SLAB translates:

– Whoever reads this is stupid.
– Whoever wrote that is even more stupid.
– Whoever reacts to that is the stupidest.
– And what about the one reacting to the reaction?

I anticipate this casual observation will now become something of a hobby: spotting lowbrow scrawlings in highbrow settings. Something along those lines. Send us your own finding on a postcard to the usual address.