12 October 2009

Dorky Little Hut


Blurbanism ∕ Earth Junk

I’m using all my powers of Holmesian abductive reasoning, but I just can’t figure out what this little hut is for. All I can say about it for sure is that it’s dorky. Let’s just run through the facts:

– It has a tapered roof
– It is connected to a wood conduit
– It is braced to the ground
– It is made of cheap, maybe found building materials
– It has no openings

So whatever is inside needs to be protected from the weather. Whatever is inside probably needs electricity to work, and might even be sending signals back out through a cable in the conduit. Being braced to the ground, it’s contents are important enough to warrant a modicum of security. Cheap materials hint at a quick solution to an impromptu problem. And the lack of openings rules out the need for regular access.

I am inclined to propose that the hut contains an electric dog which monitors traffic. Whatever the case, I’m damned if it isn’t just a dorky little hut.