3 December 2009

AstroTurf Gemütlichkeit #006


Eurotrash ∕ Faux Nature ∕ Furniture

You didn’t think this series was just going to fade away did you? You know, now that we’ve been schmoozing it up with the cream of Germany’s architectural avant-hard, and keep on being mentioned by serious media outlets? No way. We keepin’ it real. Keepin’ it tuned to the goofy shit.

About half a roll. And then some.

Restaurant Sini offers “delicious water pipes in an oriental atmosphere”, and is also “gemütlich, comfortable, quiet, relaxing and fascinating”. Almost as long as this list of adjectives is their sensational strip of ’Stro, which has to be the longest in the city. I defy anyone to install a lengthier piece in front of their restaurant without resorting to calling it ‘art’.

Interesting to note that Gemütlichkeit is fully compatible with an oriental atmosphere. But I expect oriental Gemütlichkeit has more to do with red cushions and a haze of grape flavoured tobacco smoke, and not some band of dirty fake grass.

Astroturf Gemütlichekeit Collection