18 March 2010

Hejduk – The Petition



The petition “Stop the disfigurement of John Hejduk’s Berlin Tower” is now online. Please read the full text carefully before signing. The text is in English and German.


Should you be so inclined, join the Facebook group here.

A press release is also available in English, German and French.
Download it here (PDF, 71KB)

Many thanks to everyone involved in getting this effort together over the last few days.

Despite what it says as the bottom of the online petition, I am not its sole “author”. Credit must go to Jim Hudson (architectureinberlin) and to Robert Slinger and Claire Karsenty (Kapok) for putting it and the press releases together. Thanks also due to Katja for break-neck translation. Matthias Reese (RLW) has also been extremely active in spreading the word and flexing his professional reach, as has Florian Köhl (FAT KOEHL).