13 October 2013

The Zurich Dossier


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On the Slab-funded architectural trip to Zurich in July, your reporter found little of interest. The only really striking thing about Zurich is the presence of construction cranes all over the city, particularly to a foreigner whose eyes have finally become attuned to uninterrupted grey skies in the aftershock of a building boom.

Zurich AirportZurich Airport

District 4District 4

A GasseNear the Rathaus

Zurich intersectionZurich intersection


Zürichberg Zürichberg

Crouching Allegorical Figure, Hidden Construction Crane

Crouching Allegorical Figure, Hidden Construction Crane

Your Slab reporter adds: The stained glass windows by Sigmar Polke in Zurich’s Grossmünster Church are something special, but difficult to photograph. A silent video of them can be viewed here.