AstroTurf Gemütlichkeit


The budget end of the gastronomic industry is deeply invested in AstroTurf: as a cheap, low-res simulation of nature – suggestive, too, of upholstered domestic comfort – but also as a territorial device demarcating the jurisdictional extent of highly localised municipal zoning policy. Accordingly, these throw-rug-landscapes are the precise, diagrammatic expression of regulatory protocols. Astroturf Gemütlichkeit is a phenomenological catalogue.

#010 — Where’s the Hopsack?
Pre-historic sea-life, fake grass and organic coffee, finally united, in the Swan Shopping Center, Dublin.

#009 — Green carpet treatment
The narcissism of small differences, on Skånegatan, Stockholm.

#008 — Squalor and confusion
Serious crumple, half-way up Lindenstraße, Berlin.

#007 — Not carpet: upholstery
A small platform at ice-cream point-of-sale on Zossener Straße, Berlin.

#006 — Record breaking length
A shisha bar somewhere near Ostbahnhof, Berlin.

#005 — Westside expressionism
Nostalgic vibes on Lietzenburger Straße, Berlin.

#004 – A conundrum
A small grassy island on Leipziger Straße, Berlin.

#003 – A very neat fit
Precision and ruin on Nostitzstraße, Berlin.

#002 – Pure misery
Horror and neglect on Michaelkirchplatz, Berlin.

#001 – Fastidious optimism in the artificial
Nature beckons at U-Bahnhof Botanischer Garten, Berlin.