14 February 2009

Graffiti Control


Graffiti ∕ Urban Environment


Photographed on May 3rd, 2008 in Berkley, California. While I’m a glutton for any grafitti that’s been covered over with mis-matched paint, the fact that its been done here twice and with two different but incorrect colors both times takes it to the next level 4 me. Incidentally the wall is at least twice, maybe three times as long as is shown here, but when I tried to make a panorama series a security guy cruised me in his car and told me that photographing this wall wasn’t permitted.

See also the SLAB articles entitled Kinetic Anti-Graffiti Mural and Graffiti Patches. I was too much of a bum to write a comment on it at the time, but I found out that the painting-over in the latter was actually a piece by Brent Wadden, a Canadian artist living in Berlin. He also achieved something by using two different but incorrect colors. But the effect on the Berkley wall, presumably achieved by having been rolled in successive sessions and after more grafitti had built up, = next level shit.