6 December 2006

Waiting for Trains Pt. 4


Blurbanism ∕ Buildings ∕ Public Space

To be read carefully

This could be an interesting development in the Deutsche Bahn vs. von Gerkan case. Here are some of Hauptbahnhof’s house rules where in paragraph 3 (shown above),

“misuse of the fittings, surfaces, ceiling and walls”

(my italics) is strictly prohibited. Now I’m not a lawyer, but maybe it’d be possible to have the CEO of Deutsch Bahn, Hartmut Mehdorn, barred from using the station for his misuse of (ie. his not building of) the original planned ceiling …

Paragraph 3, relevant

Last week the architect of Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof won in a legal dispute regarding the design of the station’s ceiling. Deutsche Bahn didn’t use von Gerkan’s design claiming it was too expensive and too imaginitive. A cheaper, more boring solution was installed instead, von Gerkan sued, and von Gerkan won. More details here at Bloomberg.

I would like to note that fishing around in the rubbish bins is also prohibited, so don’t even think about going back for that mistakenly dumped newspaper.