8 February 2010

Slubbing It With The Dailies


Conspiricy Theory ∕ Press

The thing about the dead-tree press is that, in contrast to bottom-feeding blogs like this one, who favour rumor and speculation over well researched facts, you can always rely on them as a respected source of quality information.

In this past Sunday’s Tagesspiegel for example we read that this journal is in fact called “Slub Magazine”. We stand duly corrected, and have made the necessary adjustments to the masthead, which will remain in place until columnist Kolja Reichert decides to fire up his browser in a flurry of post-press research, and then apologise publically for this heinous slur.

Further more, we read that Slub Magazine “resides a couple of houses further up the street” from Arno Brandlhuber’s much talked about Teutonic Favelaâ„¢ on Brunnenstraße 9. The assumption here is probably that SLAB is some venerable, centrally organised institution, shacked up in the bar ‘Kim’, with which the co-editor of this chronicle is associated, paying rent to Jean-Remy von Matt ”¦ two grubby archi-hacks bivouacking in the basement of a dive bar, living off Mitte’s gin and peanut vernissage circuit.

The article in question, which is otherwise interesting and informative can be found at the following link: Tagesspiegel