2 February 2010

Ugyuk or Oogrook


Speculation ∕ Urban Environment

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The headline is deliberately obscure, and meant to be educational. Those are the Inuktitut words for ‘seal’, with Inuktitut being the name of some of the Inuit languages spoken way north of the Canadian tree line.

The photo above was shot in Berlin though, last week. And I have to say, it does look as though a seal has been bludgeoned to death right here. My guess is that there’s a more rational explanation: spilt red paint from the DIY store just out of shot, or someone let off several kilos of Chinese firecrackers here at New Year, and the red paper wrappers are now dissolving away in the snow. Now maybe someone can tell me what the Inuktitut word for ‘blood-stained snow’ is.