17 February 2010

The Slubgate Affair


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The journalist’s best friend

Keen readers will notice a further minor change to the masthead, this time in homage to Kolja Reichert, freelance journalist to the Berlin daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, who recently, and we hasten to note, inadvertently, referred to “SLUB Magazine” in said paper.

Mr Reichert has been a real dude about things by writing a suitably groveling apology in the comments section of Slubbing It With The Dailies, where he expresses some pride in having caused such frothing consternation in an esteemed journal such as this. Joshing aside though, his concern that he might have misrepresented the output of Elegant Embellishments, is bona fide.

But what does Mr Reichert reveal in his comment by referring to the typo as a “Saturday morning vowel shift”? One imagines here the 10am deadline, a furrowed brow, drawn curtains, and the cuff of a dressing gown soaking up milk from an unfinished bowl of muesli whilst the last few paragraphs are hacked into a laptop. Can this be the reality of legitimate, for-cash freelance journalism? If so, it differs precious little from the blogging experience.

Whatever case, two world’s have collided, and I’m keen to find out more about the changing shape of professional and amateur journalism. Answers shall be sought with gin and peanuts, and published here. Or over there.

[Photo by Flickr user shordzi]