14 April 2010

This is Who I Want to be Cremated by When I Die


Earth Junk ∕ Hyperreal ∕ Nightlife

For years I’ve smirked at this trippy-dippy storefront on colorful Torstrasse, and a few weeks ago I finally picked up a new digital camera that’s capable of capturing it in (almost) all of its nighttime glory. It must be familiar to many fellow Berlin residents, but I feel compelled to share these images to our readers out in the wider world.

Eurotrash burial, on the cheap.

In this case I have to wonder if having fun as a window dresser could be costing a business valuable customers. You never know in the east side of Berlin. Is the responsible party in fact winning their business with this unlikely scenography? Or perhaps the people who enroll the services of this undertaker are just oblivious to it all, and are simply taken in by the assurance that the work will be done on the cheap.

Birds of prey that hunt by night make me feel more comfortable about death
Life Death under blue light.

The artistry demonstrated here does nevertheless provide a brave response to the quandary as to how in the name of the lord an undertaker should decorate a shop window. What dreams of death were occupying her subconscious while she hung these curtains of mirror mail? To be sure: as far as purely affective power and the ability to provoke the viewer goes, this work trumps anything you’re likely to see in the trendy art galleries to be found in the same neighborhood.

Next up: Berlin hairdressers’ trashy storefronts. Send us your pics!