15 July 2010

Mit dem Townhouse leben


Art ∕ Blurbanism ∕ Domestic Landscape ∕ Event

The title of this entry is also the title of a tasty looking show opening on Saturday night at Galerie Kai Hoelzner here in Berlin. Literally translated into English its title would be ‘With the Townhouse to Live’, grammatically correct that would be ‘Living with the Townhouse’. It is described by the gallery to be an information exhibit, something far more likely to be of interest to geeks like us than say, art would be.

You can link to the gallery site at this address, but please be aware that a flash animation is embedded that may cause seizures to be suffered by people diagnosed with epilepsy:


For those of you that don’t want to brave that test of speed reading in German, here is a tickling frame that was furnished to me in the press release for the show:


As our more steadfast readers already know, the Berlin townhouse is a subject that is both seductive and perplexing to us, going all the way back to Ian Warner’s piece from November 2006, ‘Upper-Middle-Class Homes for the “Classless” Society’, as well as Karen Elliot’s seminal follow-up from one year ago, ‘A Whiff of Density’.

So now let’s see where this conversation is going, should be an awesome thing to check out this weekend. From 7:00pm on Saturday, July 17th at Galerie Kai Hoelzner, Adalbertstr. 96, 10999 Berlin.