Property Marketing Balls

An ongoing series about the semi-literate marketing bunkum of property developers.

Part 6 ▸ FRIEDASchanze 2
The Schanze revisited, or, Vampire Colonialism for Beginners

Part 5 ▸ FRIEDASchanze 1
Bland living in Hamburg, peppered with adjectival buckshot

Part 4 ▸ Palais KolleBelle & Marthashof
An entirely rewritten piece comissioned by ExBerliner magazine, covering a historically dubious and hysterically pretentious excuse for a Parisian pastiche, and a slick, eco-chic urban village, tailor-made for Berlin’s burgeoning bohemian-borgeois (bebu-bobos).

Part 3 ▸ The Fellini Residences
A historically dubious and amusingly pretentious excuse for an Italian pastiche.

Part 2 ▸ The Choriner Höfe 2
An update

Part 1 ▸ The Choriner Höfe 1
Bric-a-brac modernism on the outside; a living hell of lifestyle engineering on the inside.